Christmas 2023 : Winterfest In The Spiegeltent!

Here’s your move, all you stellar production singers! 🎙️ A spectacular 11-week Yuletide gig in good old UK is now up for grabs 🇬🇧🎄! Ecstatic to announce that I’ll be joining forces with my fabulous on-going client, Away Resorts, as we gear up for our 2023 casting call 🎬. I’m throwing all my support behind this year’s Winterfest, nestled around a stunning spiegeltent at the charming Tattershall Lakes. The cast will showcase their talent in this magical Christmas spectacle complete with a collection of fantastic circus performers as well as performing a family pantomime 🎪🎭. We’re on the hunt for 5 outstanding production singers who can bust a move, hit those harmonies and aren’t afraid of a solo  cabaret to round off a cracking line-up for this performance-only contract stretching until January 1st 📆💃. Stay tuned for more details about joining forces with exciting creatives as we inch closer to a jolly festive season! 🎅🤶

Hair-Raising Trolls Production

Just popped back from installing a hair-raising Trolls production for EventBox, spotlighting the singing sensation, Queen Poppy, her side-kick Branch, and the bedazzling Guy Diamond, all accompanied by an outstanding cast of Portuguese performers . Our journey kicked off with initial rehearsals in the stunning city of Lisbon,  then a hop, skip and jump away to the Middle East, Al Ain, to nail the technical setup. The show was an absolute smash hit and I’m incredibly proud to have donned the hat of Creative Producer for this particular production . The audience couldn’t get enough of this Troll-tastic show , and were filled with anticipation to personally pick up their hi-fives from their beloved characters in the meet and greet moments. A big shout-out to Eventbox for another successful project!

Blast Off to an Amazing New Client in My Freelance Creative Producer Journey! 🚀

Pop the champagne and get ready for a thrilling ride! 🍾 I’m beyond excited to spill the beans on my awesome new ongoing collaboration with the rockstar team at (@eventboxmoments)! 🎭 Bravo universe for this match!

Picture this –marrying jaw-dropping creativity and unparalleled talent to produce fantastic character licensed shows. We’re not just curating shows, we’re designing unforgettable slices of joy and a rollercoaster of emotions that will span the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and the Far East. Who’s up for the ride?

Oh and did I mention the stages? Prepare for a sprinkle of theatre magic, a dash of festival spirit, a dollop of exhibition artistry, and a generous scoop of mall extravaganza. The audiences are everywhere, and we’re set to bring the magic to them.

Drumroll, please 🥁…I’m also excited at the opportunity to tag team with some of the most iconic brands!  Incredible collaborations waiting to amplify a sonic boom to the audience’s hearts with iconic characters, is there anything more thrilling than that?

Kickstarting my freelance journey with Eventbox, a brand new project packed with a hearty dose of nostalgia is surreal and exciting! New adventures, here we come!

I’m fired up and ready to blast through any challenges that come my way. Sure, the mission is ambitious and the bar is set high but hey, in the words of the legendary Freddie Mercury, “Don’t stop me now”! (I know…just roll with me folks haha!) So, buckle up and join me on this epic journey with Eventbox as we sprinkle magic, create wonder, and spread joy across the world. Let’s make the impossible, possible!

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and behind the scenes glimpses as we put creativity in the driver’s seat and bring some mind-blowing character licensed shows to life!

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“A Reflection on My First 12 Weeks of Going Freelance

It has been an incredible 12 weeks since I decided to take the plunge and go freelance. I have been working as a creative consultant and creative producer, meeting new clients, travelling to Qatar and the UK, and launching my own website. Despite the challenges of setting up as freelance, I have had a smooth ride and am looking forward to the next 12 weeks and all the new adventures it will bring.

Meeting New Clients

One of the most exciting parts of my first 12 weeks has been meeting new clients. I have been able to work with some of the loveliest people in the industry, from Dreamworks’ Kungfu Panda to Hunsnet. This has been a great opportunity to expand my network.


Travelling has been a big part of my career journey. I have had the opportunity to fly to Qatar and explore the country as part of a project I was working on. I have also been able to visit the UK and explore some of the country’s most beautiful seaside locations.

Consultancy Clients

In addition to my new clients, I have also been able to work with some of my past clients and friends. This has been a great way to stay connected and continue to build relationships with people I have worked with in the past. It has also been a great opportunity to learn new skills and stay up to date with industry trends. I now know what a ‘Hun’ is, thank you Gareth Howells!

Launching My Website

One of the biggest accomplishments of my freelance journey so far has been launching my own website (shout out to Creative Bone for your help!). This has been a great way to showcase the work I have done over the past 20 years and to show potential clients what I am capable of.

Following My Journey

Finally, I want to thank those who have been following my journey on Instagram, @natdawson_creative. It has been amazing to have so much support and encouragement from my followers. Here’s to the next 12 weeks and all the new adventures it will bring!


My first 12 weeks as a freelancer have been an incredible journey. I have been able to meet new clients, travel to exciting locations, work with past clients, and launch my own website. I am looking forward to the next 12 weeks and all the new adventures it will bring. Thank you to everyone who has been following my journey and cheering me on.

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